After Giving Birth

What To Expect After Giving Birth

This is for all my soon to be mommies out there. Now I’m sure by now you know there’s absolutely no way of preparing you enough to send you into the delivery room with 100% confidence, BUT hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll feel a bit more ready. Not only does everyone have different experiences, but they can also be very unpredictable and things can easily change in an instant. But, regardless, this is to help you soon to be moms in the best way I can. During my pregnancy, I also read tons of articles online to gain as much knowledge possible about what was about to happen before, during, and after giving birth. I realized soon afterwards there were some things I never read about that happen to me after giving birth. I believe some of these things would have been nice to know before hand. So now I’m sharing them with you to help ease your mind a bit.

  1. If you decide to get an epidural anytime during your labor know that you will have to lie down perfectly still for the anesthesiologist to do their job. When you finally receive the epidural it may take 10-20 minutes before it finally kicks. It actually feels pretty nice because you get a supercold tingly sensation down your whole back, kinda cool.
  1. Right after giving birth to your baby and after delivering the placenta your nurses will begin pushing down on your belly to help shrink the size of your uterus which can be very painful. They do this throughout your entire time at the hospital so don’t be surprised.
  1. Once your epidurals removed you will get EXTREMELY itchy all over your back and legs. It’s really bad, it feels like you’re breaking out in hives and since I had no idea this was a symptom I thought something was wrong until the nurse assured me it was completely normal. I also had my mom there as my personal back scratcher lol.
  1. Also after having the epidural removed, they wait a while till they get you back on your feet, for obvious reasons. BUT you may experience really bad shivers afterward, which again is also normal.
  1. If you’re planning to breastfeed exclusively just know that if you send your baby to the nursery he/she will be away no longer than an hour or an hour and a half. Newborns stomachs are the size of a cherry at birth, so they need to eat often. I say this just so you’re well prepared that you’ll be getting little to no rest. Nurses and doctors are also constantly coming in and out of your room, no matter how late or early it may be.
  1. You also will still be having contractions, as your uterus tries to go back to its normal size. Of course, these aren’t as painful, but you may be offered drugs to help ease you with the pain.
  1. Again, I can’t emphasize enough. You will be getting little to no sleep.
  1. Diaper ice packs will be your lifesaver! They feel absolutely amazing so make sure you use them! You can even make some at home, so you can have them ready for when you come back home from the hospital. I personally used this DIY that I found on Pinterest They are super easy and fast to make. Personally, I used these products.
  2. Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, 12 ozAmara Organics Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed Aloe, 8 fl. oz.
  3. Not going to lie, going to the bathroom for the next couple of weeks will be such a hassle. What once took you one minute to pee will easily turn into the very least ten.

Remember, you just did something absolutely incredible and beautiful with your body, you brought life into this world. Don’t over push yourself, you need time to rest and recover. Take it day by day and don’t be afraid to take your family/friends offers of helping you for the next days, weeks or months to come.

Birth Story

The Day I Became A Mother

It was a late Wednesday evening on April 26, 2017, when I began to feel my first contractions. I was in my living room eating dinner, relaxed, enjoying Scandals newest episode with my fiancé. At first, the contractions weren’t too consistent, but just the thought of our baby girl being born was thrilling, and believe me I was MORE than ready. I was 39 weeks dreaming of not being pregnant any longer. I was exhausted, to say the least. As the night and morning continued my contractions became stronger and more frequent. I began timing my contractions and by around 1 am the following day they were coming every 5-8 minutes lasting 45 seconds to a minute long. My fiancé and I woke up around 9 am Thursday, still feeling the contractions I told him I think we should go to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, of course, just my luck, my contractions suddenly stopped. I looked over at my fiancé smiling, shaking my head telling him that I already knew they were going to send us home because I wasn’t feeling anything anymore. But regardless, we checked in and waited to be seen by a nurse. The nurse examined me, told me I was 2cm dilated, however, my contractions weren’t consistent nor strong enough to keep me there. So back home we went. The rest of that morning and afternoon went by and by night time the contractions were back. I began timing them as usual, but they were more or less the same as before, so I attempted to just sleep it off. Little did I know I would be up all night tossing and turning trying to get some sleep. The contractions this time around were so painful and frequent that I wasn’t able to get even a minute of rest. I tried different breathing techniques, different body positions, anything that I could think of that might possibly help ease the pain but nothing worked. I couldn’t help but think this MUST be the real deal now there’s no possible way the hospital would send me back home and if they did I wouldn’t know what to do. We loaded up our bags again and by 9 am Friday morning, we were back once more at the hospital. This time around things went a bit more different. I was 4cm dilated with contractions occurring every couple of minutes. The nurse gave me the option of walking around the hospital to see if it would help me dilate to speed up the labor process which I gladly took. My fiancé and I walked around the hospital for about an hour before returning back to see the nurse again. This time when she examined me I was a shocking 7cm! I couldn’t believe it! Wow, I thought! This is going to be much quicker than I expected. And, boy, was I wrong. They began preparing to transfer me over to the delivery room and before I knew it, I was in a wheelchair on the way to deliver and soon finally meet our beautiful daughter. It was around noon when we arrived at the room and from there just played the waiting game. Contractions were still very frequent and intense but nothing I couldn’t handle. I used different breathing techniques I read about online as well as different YouTube videos I had seen to help with the pain and they worked miracles for me. My nurses frequently came in to check on me to see if I was dilating anymore, but it was as if I was stuck at 7cm getting nowhere quick. At around 7 pm the nurses asked me if I wanted to have them break my water to see if that would speed up the process, which I agreed to because I figured why not. So they broke my water. And oh my gosh! I can’t even begin to put into words how much more intense these contractions were. They honestly felt 500x stronger than before, a pain so intense I knew there was no way I would be able to deal with it much longer. Especially since there’s no way of knowing exactly when I would be ready to start pushing. I lasted about 45 minutes before I finally gave in and told them to just give me the epidural, I couldn’t take the pain any longer. Once the epidural finally kicked in I was golden. I felt no pain, no discomfort, nothing and so the waiting game started once more. I slowly began to dilate a little more and more with the help of a peanut birthing ball put between my legs. Then FINALLY, a little after 11 pm I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing. It was at that exact moment when the doctor was about to come in to deliver my baby when he got called for an emergency c-section so instead, my midwife delivered the baby for me. I pushed for 32 minutes total and our beautiful little girl was finally born at 11:44 pm on Friday, April 28, 2017. She was strong, healthy and weighed 8lbs 5oz.

Isabella Mae ❤️