First Steps To Fitness After Giving Birth

During my pregnancy, I gained a total of almost 25lbs, which mainly went all to my belly. I felt like I was carrying a bowling ball around with me the whole time lol. While I was pregnant, I’m not going to lie, I was very concerned about what my body would be like afterward. I was terrified of the thought that I would never be able to achieve my fitness goals any longer. I constantly had people telling me that my body would never be the same as before, that bikinis and crop tops would be a thing of the past, that I no longer would be able to wear tight clothing, that from here on out my body would go down a plunging spiral. First off, anybody can wear crop tops, bikinis, and tight clothes. There’s no certain body type you have to have in order to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful. Secondly, why people think it’s okay to be so harsh and negative towards someone who’s pregnant is beyond me. We already have enough on our plates to worry and stress about then your concern of what our body will look like in the long run. And thirdly, do me a favor and don’t listen to them, okay? They don’t know anything. Just because maybe they didn’t get the results they wanted to doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.

You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Even get into the BEST shape of your life, if that’s what you really wanted. Yes, of course, it won’t be easy and you won’t see result from one day to the next. It honestly more than likely won’t be months until you start to see progress, but don’t let that hold you back. Keep pushing because once you begin to see your results you won’t want to stop and no one will be able to. It’s going to take a lot of determination, focus and with consistency, you will reach your goals.

The best advice I can give through my experience is not worrying so much about your physical appearance, as hard as that may be. What’s more important right now is your health, as well as your baby’s. Nourishing your body with healthy foods that provide you with nutrients and vitamins will help fuel your body and possibly even make recovery faster for you. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Remember, your body is enduring many changes at this stage in life. If there’s any point where you should be cautious and aware of what you’re eating it should be now. But an occasional pizza and ice cream never hurt anyone either. No need to torture yourself. 🙂

Now, once you get cleared from your doctor that it’s safe for you to begin doing exercises again is when you can begin to focus on what your fitness goals are. I would recommend starting off slow at first, nothing too intense yet till your body is properly healed. A good start would be pelvic bridges, kegels, heel slides, or even just taking nice long walks outside. After you start to gain strength and endurance you may move on to more intense workouts. Listen to your body. If you’re trying to move on to squats or lunges and you’re body doesn’t feel right then stop and try again in a week or so. You don’t want to over push yourself and cause injuries.

It’s important to always surround yourself with people who uplift, encourage and support you. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and who make you feel good about yourself. Trying to achieve anything, not only fitness, with a baby or child will always be a challenge, but we must continue forward because it will be so worth it at the end. Negativity? Ain’t nobody got time for that lol. I’m here to encourage and to support all the amazing moms out there as we try to achieve our goals, whatever they may be.

This is my journey to becoming the best version of myself for my beautiful baby girl Isabella. 💕 39weeks

Look at all that belly! 👀 👀
Photo was taken one week before giving birth


12 thoughts on “First Steps To Fitness After Giving Birth”

  1. Love the belly! It’s so important to return to pre-pregnancy fitness once you are physically able. Some wait because of fatigue and it’s so much harder. Getting back into a workout or even a minimal fitness routine will also help with keeping postpartum depression at bay!

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  2. Agreed, you can absolutely do whatever you set your mind to. I wish I had of took the time to nurture my body more after giving birth. You’re well on your way! Thanks for sharing!


  3. It’s good to stay focused as that will help you out on the process just don’t rush it. Enjoy the moments and don’t let fitness be your only thought. I have had 4 kids, my two youngest are 7 and 5. My new fit mommy body is way different then my 20 year pretty baby body.


  4. How adorable are you? First off, congrats! Secondly, you’re so right! It’s so important for us to get back into our fitness routines. Establishing that sense of normalcy is so important for our own physical and mental health.


  5. If I remember it correctly my belly when I was pregnant was big. I thought I was having a twin lol, but the doctor said it was all because I drink water a lot. You look, fabulous lady, now I miss being pregnant after seeing this picture.

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